Note: All patients should also bring the following to their appointment.

  • Insurance Card
  • Photo ID of the patient or if minor, photo ID of responsible party
  • Office visit copay, deductible and/or coins (we accept cash, Visa and MC)
  • All medications you are currently taking in the original bottles

Annual Wellness Information

Dr. Throneberry and Dr. Thurow strongly recommend a yearly wellness exam as a part of your overall medical care. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may now only cover what is recommended by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force. As it has always been our goal to provide you with the best individual medical care, Dr Throneberry and Dr. Thurow recommend the following exams, tests and lab based on your age and gender.

  1. Preventative Exam
  2. Chest X-ray
  3. EKG
  4. Pap – Female
  5. PSA/Prostate – Male
  6. General Health Panel (Lab)
  7. Lipid Panel (Lab)
  8. Stool Occult & Rectal Exam

We strongly recommend you speak to your insurance company regarding your specific coverage for a routine wellness exam, as some of the above test may not be covered under your plan. After speaking with your insurance company, then you can decide if you do or do not want a test that is not covered by your policy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office 501-327-2611.